Thomas comes to Taiwan with his family, looking forward to doing the first Domo Hair

Thomas / Age 36 / Founder C+O-type hair loss

DOMO HAIR is not only designed for Asian men, but also European and American men.

Thomas comes from Carolado of the USA. He knows DOMO HAIR from his friends. He was attracted by its natural and breathable features. Because he does exercise and travels around the world frequently, these features are highly important. DOMO HAIR is the product which he keeps looking for. So, he especially came to Taiwan for his first DOMO HAIR.

After 3 months waiting... He comes store again with his family this time. They are all excited about his new look. The joy and laugh are fulfilled the VIP room.

Thomas' hair system is hairline revealing type. Because he goes to gym, and travels to lots of countries quite often.

No matter which angle, the color of hair system is perfectly matched real hair.

The wife is amazed by the result, and doesn't know which is hair system and which is real hair.

Look at mirror. Thomas is satisfied with the result, of course, his family does.

Hair can change one's appearance. His wife does not recognize Thomas, and children praise him greatly.

To Thomas and his family, this is not only a trip but also a transmit.

A great start to Thomas. We are happy for his transformation.